Shaman Juan

Soothsayer Album Cover


  • Released: June 3, 2014
  • Label: Platapus Records


Soothesayer EPK

Recording artist and film-maker, Shaman Juan, celebrates his 50th year in music with the release of a new CD featuring Madison’s own, legendary, funky drummer, Clyde Stubblefield.

Signed to Motown Records as a very young man, Juan first appeared on the celebrated “Tamla” label. His band, The Messengers, enjoyed both national and international success.

As a studio owner/operator in Los Angeles, he wrote and produced music for dozens of radio, television, and feature film projects. He also appeared twice as a guest on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and worked with hundreds of artists from the Saturday Night Live cast to Guns n’ Roses.

Now, 50 years of musical craftsmanship, life experiences, and philosophical contemplation have been distilled into a new Shaman Juan album. It carries messages that are provocative, iconoclastic, yet life-affirming. Commentaries on human nature are delivered with hope and optimism. It’s a collection of sheer entertainment, spiced with local references and just the right amount of ribaldry.

Experience now the epitome of Shaman Juan in this extremely soulful, danceable, and shamanistic album: THE SOOTHSAYER

A heartfelt thanks to the following people for making Soothsayer (listed alphabetically):
Chris Aaron
Luke Abler
Sarah Atkinson
Marc Golde
Tommy Greywolf
Frank Hoier
Eric Koppa
Owen Mooney
Jon Prigge
Pauli Ryan
Natalie Schwartz
John Selak
Moselle Spiller
Special Guest, Clyde Stubblefield