Shaman Juan



Blabbermouth is Shaman Juan’s 12 track follow up to the 2014 chart record “Soothsayer”, (Relix Magazine #7).

Once again, Mr. Clyde Stubblefield is featured on several tracks including Chuck Berry’s classic “Nadine”. Juan and Clyde tap into their rainbow warrior DNA to perform the hauntingly beautiful “Freedom” (recorded on the 1st take).

Several other tracks are one-take performances by the Shaman on kick, hat, guitar, and vocal at once… His specialty! Also, they are two live recordings of Juan and his hometown crew Jon Prigge, Owen Mooney, Jon Selak, and Brian Augustine. Erik Coppa on sax and Tommy Greywolf on the strings give standout performances.

Blabbermouth is a crazy, fun, disturbing blunderbuss of recordings from sweetly simple “Country Girl” to the slightly dark “Yer Mind” followed by kick ass R&B “Please Don’t Smoke It” and “Nadine” finishing with the soft finger picking of “I Do Believe In You”. Blabbermouth is destined to be heard.

Track List

1. Freedom – a modern American Folk song
2. I Do Believe In You – live acoustic fingerpicking
3. Please Don’t Smoke It – dance music for a smoke free future
4. I Wanna Touch You – live Shaman Juan and his crew The Brown Baer Music Club
5. What Will The Young Ones Do – anti-war protest
6. God Fearin Worker – income inequality protest song
7. Shut Up – blues humor… Shaman Juan gets slapped at the end
8. Yer Mind – echoes of Zappa
9. When You Were Here – ode to John Lennon
10. Sashimi – echoes of The Ventures, dedicated to the people of Japan
11. Nadine – Juan retells Chuck Berry’s classic featuring Clyde Stubblefield at his best
12. Country Girl – Andre Previn meets Jed Clampet