Shaman Juan

A Revelation

If you are young enough, and smart enough, Shaman Juan has a message for you: a revelation.

If you view the world through the lens of science and reason, almost all the questions we ask as humans are answered. We are the first humans to have the knowledge of who we are and where we came from. All the sciences converge to show us we are an evolving species of apes generated up out of the earth and destined to return to her again.

We are designed to be communal, social loving creatures. Those who do not obey nature’s laws do not thrive, they suffer. Our values and morality must constantly evolve to end cruelty and waste. Wake up monkeys! Let the revelation begin.

Dear People of Earth,

“We” are first humans to actually know who we are, and where we came from; let the “revelation” begin!

Dear Children of the World,

Your parents are superstitious, irrational and incompetent. Almost everything they’ve told you is wrong. You must rethink everything, including your very existence. Science and reason are your only guides. We are all precious. Love is the answer. Evolve or die off.


These 3 albums: “Mysterious Force”, “Soothesayer”, and “Blabbermouth” all celebrate Shaman Juan’s wold view of love and freedom.

I’m not important, but what is being said here is the most important thing ever said.”

So I’m calling out the anthropologists, archaeologists, and all scientists to spread the truth about who we are and where we came from.

Juan’s recordings tend to be very minimalist, often live and with few over dubbs. He incorporates 50 years of engineering experience to create “real” stereo images.

Always the “Peace Nic” Shaman Juan sings for non-violence, equality, and freedom.