Shaman Juan

The Band

Jon Prigge

Harmonica “Hohner Special 20” & Vocals

Owen Mooney


Brian “Augie” Augustin


John Selak


Eric Koppa


Clyde Stubblefield

James Brown’s original “funky drummer”

Chris Aaron


Guitar w-skull2

Little Juan


Recording artist and film-maker, Shaman Juan, celebrates his 50th year in music with the release of a new CD featuring legendary, funky drummer, Clyde Stubblefield.

Shaman Juan’s sound is defined by the collusion of contrasting musicianship that breathes life into his humanistic message of evolution and love.

Starting as a solo act, the band evolved to comprise 9 to 11 consistent members,  paired with a musically diverse group of special guests.  This colorful mixture guaranteed that a wide range of influences would steer the Shaman’s music to new, previously unexplored heights.

The Shaman says, “I think as we continue to grow as a band, ideas and diversity will continue to leak out in the music, it’s inevitable.  However, we had a lot of confidence in the material right out of the starting gate.  It may have taken a while for that starting gate to swing open, but in our eyes it was worth the wait.”

Shaman Juan is a risk taker, and never one to limit his musical focus. In nurturing a tradition of professionalism with a deep respect for musical craft, Shaman Juan remains refreshingly genuine in a world that often sells its sole for the almighty dollar!  He is a master storyteller whose tales are woven by the threads of humanity that bind us together.

Shaman has worked and continues to work with the some of the most talented musicians in the business.  Signed to Motown Records as a very young man, Shaman Juan first appeared on the celebrated “Tamla” label. His band, The Messengers, enjoyed both national and international success.

As a studio owner/operator in Los Angeles, he wrote and produced music for dozens of radio, television, and feature film projects. He has also appeared twice as a guest on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and has worked with hundreds of artists, from the Saturday Night Live cast to Guns n’ Roses. Always an enthusiastic and passionate performer, with sheer joy and gratitude, Shaman Juan effortlessly captivates his audience, young and old, with a rhythmic power all his own.

Until recently, Shaman has been working as a solo artist and producer.  However, early in 2007, he moved from CA to WI and released his first solo live album “Live at the Lake”. Soon afterwards, he met a local musician by the name of Jon Prigge. Little did they know this friendship would lead to some of the best material of Shaman’s career. With the help of Prigge, Shaman Juan was able to solidify an equally impressive fold of musicians.

By 2009, another live album of mostly original songs was recorded, titled “Live at The Brown Baer” (unreleased).  The recording of “Live at The Brown Baer” created a social music club called “The Brown Baer Music Club” which included much of Shaman Juan’s studio band.

In 2011, Shaman Juan released his first full-length studio album, called “Mysterious Force” along with a live, full-length concert DVD that same year.  Mysterious Force was featured as the Album Of The Week on Google, which caught the attention of some very serious musicians.

It was these serious musicians who fell in love with Shaman Juan’s music and jumped into the fold: guitarist Chris Aaron (Bandallamas),  legendary funky drummer Clyde Stubblefield (James Brown), Tommy Greywolf (Brooks & Dunn) and Pauli Ryan (Garbage); have all helped to diversify the Shaman Juan band.

After a live recording in the winter of 2013 in Madison, Wisconsin, for the show “Mad Toast Live”, the band decided to enter the studio, gearing up for the Spring of 2014.

With the release of Soothsayer (independent release, April, 2014), there isn’t a shred of doubt that Shaman Juan and his creative collaborating bandmates are on to something—something very big. Moving forward as the result of carefully building itself from scratch, Shaman Juan is nothing short of one big happy family.

They are a traveling roots music circus of sorts, never knowing just what will be the highlight of the next show or which band member will be the one to shine in the next moment. Each member of Shaman Juan is a strong enough force to be a bandleader in their own right, but the chemical reaction that takes place when they all come together results in a mighty sound that’s greater than the sum of its considerable parts.